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Top 3 Auburn Responses

December 2, 2008

The answer is yes.  Yes, I will blog about Iron Bowl 08.  No, I’m not going to ignore it like it didn’t happen.  (Though I am trying to find mind erasing technology to delete it out of my permanent memory.)

This is how it’s going to go down:  I’m going to list the top 3 most pathetic Auburn responses.  In other words, I’m going to list common comebacks from my fellow Auburn fans that are used when getting picked on from a rival Bama fan.  Here’s why I’m doing this.  A.  Because we lost…actually, got our butts whipped…plain and simple.  Can’t sugar coat that.  B.  I’m not going to pretend like it doesn’t matter (well, in the big picture of life…it doesn’t) or that I don’t care.  I do care.  I’m extremely competitive and hate all things Crimson.  I love to beat them…even in women’s soccer.  I hate to lose in anything.  I especially hate to see my beloved team get destroyed by Alabama.  So, congrats on a GREAT year Bama fans.  Enjoy it.  Brag about it.  Quite the accomplishment.

1.  “So, we beat ya’ll 6 years in a row.”
Ummm…who cares.  Yeah, it was nice.  Yeah, it’s a great thing to accomplish.  But they just shut us out 36 to zip.  That stinks bad.

2.  “You only went undefeated because the SEC was down this year.”
Not really buying this one either.  Yes, the SEC was down this year…but dude, undefeated is undefeated.  I read the following on an Auburn forum:

Enjoy the season, bammers. This has got to be the sorriest SEC in the last 25 yrs that you have excelled in this year. Ole Miss finishes 2nd in the West. LSU goes 7-5. The rest of the West has a losing season. UGA coughs up 45 pts in a loss to Ga Tech to finish 9-3. Tenn has a losing season. The conference stinks so bad that Vandy was able to win enough SEC games to finish bowl eligible. The only team besides Fla and Bama in the BCS top 25 is UGA, and they come in at a whopping #16. Quite an accomplishment to run that vaunted gauntlet undefeated.

I understand the dude’s point, but I don’t care if you are in the Bartow County Football League, a perfect season is an incredibly hard thing to do.  Ask Florida, who averages 50 points a game lately but loss to Ole Miss.

3.  “At least more of our fans actually went to the University”
This may be true, but cmon…a third grader could think of something better.

If it sounds like I’m picking on my own crew, maybe it’s because I am a little.  Why not just say, “Wow, congrats.  Good game.  I hope we get to pay ya’ll back next year”…and then move on.  Much better to do that than spout lame excuses or try to downplay a terrific success.

Man, I gotta stop reading sports forums.