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Surprise Surprise!

December 3, 2008

I like surprises (well, at least the good ones).

Last night me and the 4 kiddos surprised Mommy by putting up the Christmas tree and decorations up before she got home.  We had Christmas music playing and most of the stuff up…and yes, I was attempting to earn brownie points.

Surprises accomplish several things around the Sutton Household:

  1. The kids think it’s incredibly exciting.  They like to surprise anybody and anything.  (Ever notice they tell you where they are going to hide before they go there?  And then they still yell SURPRISE when you “find” them?!)  Their love for surprises works as a distraction.  I use it to keep them occupied when I’m with all four of them by myself.
  2. Good for the marriage.  I don’t do it enough…and often I think more money is needed (surprise vacation)…yet, little meaningful less expensive things can be done.  Surprise gifts are healthy for a relationship.
  3. Makes birthdays a ton more fun.