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Final Verdict

December 13, 2008

51728551_071d42b545Auburn is set to hire Gene Chizik as its next Head Football Coach.  A few comments:

What I like:
* He was AU’s defensive coordinator in 04 when the Tigers went undefeated.
* The following year he helped lead Texas to a National Championship.
* He played football at a SEC school – Florida.

What I don’t like:
* My favorite was Turner Gill.  (Take a sec and listen to the radio interview.)
* As head coach at Iowa State the past two seasons, Chizik posted a 5-19 record.  Ouch.
* Most people seem to think the Auburn Athletic Dept. is functioning in lalaLand lately.  If they are right, then this was a bad hire.

Ultimately though…
* I’m just a fan, what do I know?
* I’ll be the biggest AU fan that NW Georgia has ever seen, regardless of who the coach is.
* Will always be a proud grad.

Welcome Coach Chizik


December 13, 2008

I recently listened to a podcast from a pastor who talked about how Honor is a lost art in our generation.  (If you are thinking this pastor is probably some old dude, think again.  Hint:  He’s less than 30 and pastors a very large church in Charlotte, North Carolina.)  He specifically talked about the honor and respect we should have for our pastors…which was a good word to hear in a time in which the popular trend is to just be buddy buddy with your pastor.  It was a good challenge to hear.

Right now my wife is putting Christmas sweaters on our kids and a bow in my daughter’s hair.  They are abnormally dressed for a Saturday morning.  Family picture today?  Nope.  A quick trip over to beautiful Alabama for my Mamaw’s 80th birthday party.  A time, a chance to honor a great woman.  A time to explain to my kids that we wear clothes we normally wouldn’t because that’s what SHE LIKES…and it’s not about us.  A chance to gather with 100 other people…family, old friends, church members…to honor a life that has taught us so much.

Proverbs 21:21
He who pursues righteousness and love finds life, prosperity and HONOR.