To charge or invest with a trust or responsibility; charge with a specified office or duty involving trust: “We entrusted him with our lives.”

Recently I was talking with Dana about our kid’s education.  We are praying about our options over the next several years…homeschool, public school, private school, no school at all (ha, just a joke on that one).

The word ENTRUST kept coming to mind.  As parents, we entrust our kids to many things.  Babysitters, schools, churches, etc.  It’s a big deal.  We all want the best possible choice in every area.  It’s a big decision.  Concerning education, we are often entrusting our kids to their teachers and hoping for a good outcome.  ULTIMATELY, though, we all know the responsibility is on US.  We, the parents, are responsible for our kid’s education.  We, the parents, have been entrusted by God to raise our kids…not anybody else.

The same healthy view can be applied to the church.  We, the parents, are ultimately responsible for teaching our kids about Christ.

We know the numbers:  The church has about 40 hours a year with your kid…you have 3000.  Yet, it is a beautiful PARTNERSHIP.  You are entrusting them to loving caring adults, if only for an hour on a Sunday morning.  And at Oak Leaf, that is a HUGE deal for us.  We want to build on that trust and do everything we can to point them to an awesome God who has a grand plan for their life.

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