Parent Roundtable

I’m looking forward to a lot of things in 09.  One of them is a Parent Roundtable that will be developed by March and will meet once a quarter.  Here’s the scoop:  In our kid’s ministry new ideas are run by staff, lead volunteers, prayed about, etc.  Everything we do has in mind the idea of “Partnering with Parents”.  It’s not simply drop your kid off for a hour each Sunday.  Through resources and lead teachers and workshops we want to do everything we can to equip parents to help build faith AT HOME.

I’m excited about this Parent Roundtable.  It will be me and a handful of parents (invitation only…ha, we are a secret club!) discussing vision and practicality of our stuff.  In other words, I want to know if we are connecting.  Does the way we do _________ help you at home?  Was this useful?  What do you think families struggle with most?  What should be the main point of our Parenting Workshop?  What are the local needs of families in our community?  The vision of our kid’s ministry is __________, does that make sense to you?  Feedback feedback feedback.

Call it an Advisory Board.  Call it an Input Group.  Even call them Deacons if you want (wait, that’s crazy).  But I think it’s vitally important that they have a voice in to this OH SO IMPORTANT ministry of Oak Leaf.

Bonus:  Wonder if I should build a Knights of the Round Table type thingy and make us all wear costumes?

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One Comment on “Parent Roundtable”

  1. Amanda Says:

    costumes are a must.

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