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Mark on Nightline

January 28, 2009

Very interesting video.

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January 27, 2009

Chili’s is far better than Applebee’s

Twittering is a little bit better than blogging
(If you read my blog and don’t twitter, stop now and go sign up!  It’s free and makes you a cool person)

Living in a small town is so much better than living in a huge city (sorta)

Being a poor dad who sees his kids is better than being a rich dad who is never home

My Peeps

January 26, 2009

8 months into this f/t gig at Oak Leaf I’ve been reminded constantly that above all the tasks, goals, supplies, events, and Sundays, to shepherd/lead/love PEOPLE.  After all, us dudes that do all these unique things in our ministries have a very common bond (demand) – PASTOR.

Yeah, I know, titles mean jack squat.  But through experiences, failures and insights, I’m learning that the job carries a heavy responsibility.  But I love it.  I love trying to gain help with the administrative so I can focus on the relationships.  I’ve loved getting to know these incredible volunteers personally.  Chatting with them over coffee.  Challenging them.  Being challenged by them.  Praying with them.  Having their prayer requests pop in my head in the middle of the night.

I hope I never value goals or numbers or successes above people…above the volunteers God has allowed me to serve with and lead.  So while we are figuring out 1200+ people doing church at a movie theater, we are ever more aware of the importance of pastoring and caring for the core team.  What an awesome privelege to love one another – therefore revealing to the world a Great God.

Seventh Inning Stretch

January 24, 2009

Heard a great illustration last night from Russ Gregory of Kids Beach Club.  In baseball this past season, the Phillies and Rays held the #1 and #2 spot in the category of “Highest Percentage of coming back and winning after being down in the 7th inning.”  And it was the Phillies and Rays that met in the World Series.

So the two teams that could finish strong…despite how they began the game…played for it all this past season.  Interesting fact, eh?  The point:  It’s how we finish.  This principle applies to young churchplants, new ministries, new businesses, and all of us striving to be more Christlike everyday – in everything we do.

God has gone before us and prepared the way.  Let’s finish strong.


January 22, 2009

n1016844596_1985418_5828Me in 1995 with Discipleship Group.

(I think that was a Duke Bluedevils cap.  Let’s Go Duke!  Let’s Go Duke!  Let’s Go Duke!)

Giving Tradition the Boot (or cleat)

January 21, 2009

I like the way this coach thinks.

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10 years ago

January 21, 2009

Ten years ago I graduated college – a miracle in itself!  So on this ten year anniversary, I thought I’d look back and highlight the top 5 things I loved most about that era.  I wouldn’t trade what God has blessed me with now…love my wife, 4 kids, Dana and I both being in ministry…but that certainly was a unique time and one of the best ever.  Here we go:

5.  Road Trips – With little responsibility and low gas prices, midnight road trips were extremely common.  Whether it was Columbus for a movie or Montgomery for Krispy Kreme or FL for a beach sunrise, road trips rocked.

4.  Student Life – You were surrounded by 20+ thousand people your age, going through similar things.  Ideals, art, music, debate, class, skipping class, burger night, party, class projects, library, student ministry, church, ultimate frisbee and tons of senseless random humorous activities.  🙂

3.  Growing Up – To me, being away from home in college was just as valuable as any of the courses I took.  Never underestimate life lessons.

2.  Football Saturdays – Confession:  One of the main reasons I chose Auburn University was to get student section tickets.  No, seriously.  I’m that much of a fanatic.  There’s nothing like tailgaiting on a Saturday afternoon…and then screaming your head off with 87,000 of your closest friends.

1.  Jesus – Yeah, I know, it’s the Sunday School answer.  But it’s the truth.  When I look back on my 4.5 years at AU, the all consuming thought falls on the uncovering of my faith.  The realization of who Jesus Christ was and what my relationship with Him meant.  Being involved with the BCM changed my life.