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February 9, 2009

Blogging has been on hold for awhile so here’s a recap of the past couple of days:

>  Spent Friday and Saturday in Buckhead with the wife.  A 2 day mini vacation with no kids.  Nice hotel.  Nice restaurants.  Spending money we don’t have.  🙂

>  KidVenture went well yesterday.  So many leaders have stepped up.

>  Escorting 1st time parents and their kids is one of my favorite things about a Sunday morning.

>  Baptism at the Aquatic Center rocked.

>  In my job I am learning to let go of tasks that others can help with (and are better at) and doing things only I can do (am called to).

>  Michael had a GREAT message about how everything we have is God’s.  We need to be reminded about that on a weekly basis.  Fact:  We can’t expect blessings if we are not faithful with the little.  Great challenge.  Great perspective.