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Oak Leaf Article

February 13, 2009

Very cool article from a dude who visited a few weeks ago.



February 13, 2009

any guesses?

if you said “the fear of friday the 13th” you are a winner.

more people are cautious on this day.  a lot of superstition.  a lot of fear.  a lot of lost productivity b/c of avoiding certain things in fear that something bad will happen.

so in light of this day, here are a few things that i think we should all be 1000% into, no matter the day, no matter the worries:

^ Redemption Campain – dana and i are sacrificially giving to it cause we believe in it.  KidVenture is doing some things over the next few weeks to scrounge every penny.  this is important.  are you in?

^ Bold Faith – trusting no matter the circumstances.

^ Inviting Mad Man – olc has grown in part b/c of the thousands of invites.  the strategy has not changed:  who have you invited lately?  remember, the worst that can happen is they say no.  ooooo, scary.

^ Family Role – are you a mom, dad, grandparent, sibling, supportive aunt or uncle?  don’t let the economy sidetrack you.  don’t let the fact that your family is dysfunctional deter you.  (ALL families are dysfunctional to a degree.)  play your role in your family well.  don’t sacrifice them for the sake of money or hobbies.  they are God-given and need you.