Sunday Recap via my TwitPics

2525701Braden gets up at 5:55am to help out with KidVenture setup.  (I can’t slow him down!)

2525901I realized this morning that this may be why he likes coming early.  (Such a player.)

1i68y-1d83a0a6566238955055fea007ade0eb49987199Lenny & Lee (father & son) ready to greet parents and kids.

2529264These kids have figured out that hot chocolate is not just for adults.  🙂1i6v7-e8455ca6310b6b1e6b7e18f04a6ee4dd4998726dWhy we do what we do.2531670This money series has been absolutely terrific!  I’ve heard a bunch of faith stories about money from Oakleafers already.

1iafm-fb89a492c757976ae8ef72267b18d5e6499871c2Nice legs.1iag0-cdd4fd480b53a3fc82756b2359eb312d499871ddMadea thanks you for visiting Oak Leaf Church.  (From a hallway display.)

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