Takeaways, part II

Day 2

Bob Roberts

  • 10 years ago in the US there were 300 churches of 2,000+.  Today, there are 1,400 churches of 2,000+….YET, less people attend church today than 10 years ago.
  • Preachers and churches will not change the world, disciples will.
  • Gal 2:20 When will Jesus be enough for you?
  • Is the fuel of my church MY creativity or is it GOD’S Sovereignty?
  • No such thing as safe Christianity.  No such thing as a “balanced” life.  Jesus bids us “come and die”.

Tony Morgan

  • In the south, sweet tea comes out of the faucet.
  • A clear vision:
    sets expectations and fosters community
    facilitates decision making
    attracts time and money
    defines success in ministry
    empowers your leaders
  • Great leaders will leave your ministry if you focus on the execution and not the outcome.
  • Great leaders within your ministry are asking: Am I needed here?  Will I have input?  Will they keep me in the loop?  Do they care about me, or are they just using me?  Will they let me lead?  Do I get to do something significant?
  • Where is the fruit in your church?  What is God blessing?  Then focus on that.
  • Personal invite is the #1 reason people attend on Sunday morning…yet we try platform announcements and marketing junk for other areas of ministry.  Keep the personal invite the number 1 tool used.
  • John 3:30  He must become greater; I must become less.

Ben Arment

  • Most churchplanters get the spiritual and the strategy, but forget about the Social Impact.  You need social momentum.  You need to connect (build relationships) in the community before planting.
  • Plant the church the community needs, not the church in your head.

Nelson Searcy

  • We don’t need a new vision, God has given us the Great Commission.
  • Do both “go tell” evangelism and “come see” evangelism.  Don’t swing to either extreme.

Troy Gramling

  • If you listen to everyone, you will hear no one.  Listen to people who:
    love you
    believe in you
    know more than you
  • You can use people to build a great ministry or you can use ministry to build great people.
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