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Fair Weather

March 31, 2009

I’ve noticed something recently in my beloved town of Cartersville.  It’s hard to miss –  they seem to be everywhere.  What am I talking about?  Church signs? nope.  Easter eggs? nope, not yet.  Banks?  That blog will come later.

Fair weather bama and florida fans.  Oh boy, here we go…an angry Auburn fan. Well just hold your horses cowboy, let me explain.  Here’s why I’m making this claim:  The car tags and flags and logos of these two teams are everywhere (as in you once NEVER saw them around here and now they are on 1 out of every 400 cars).  Seriously, though, with the recent success of the two teams (especially Florida) you have fair weather fans pimpin’ out their rides with all the gator and tide stuff you can handle.

Ahhhh, Jonathan, they’ve always been there, you’ve just never noticed until now. Wrong.  For starters, I’m extremely observant.  Also, you can obviously tell these are brand new tags.  Don’t get me wrong, EVERY team has fair weather fans…even my Tigers.  I just think it’s interesting to see the plethara of “new fans”.

As I was driving down Tennessee street this morning and observing a few of these tags, it got me thinking about the church and it’s fair weather fans (attenders).  It’s rather sad.  The pattern is comically similar.  When the church does something good in their eyes (right song choice, correct paint color) they are quick to raise the church banner.  Things are on a high.  Inviting is easy.  Serving is easy.  The buy-in is solid.  They are one of the biggest cheerleaders around.

But the moment a decision is disagreed with…the car tag comes off.  The flags go back in the garage.  And worst yet, the attitudes flare.  This isn’t to say that you shouldn’t have disagreements.  Believe me, you can’t hang around our staff without seeing healthy disagreements.  But what I am pushing here is when these moments arise, don’t overreact (I’m speaking from experience here).  Don’t discard everything God has done through you at your church.  And don’t immediately dismiss the leadership and call everyone stupid…like being at a Kentucky basketball game when the team is struggling.

So support the mission of your church, even when things don’t make complete sense.  If you’ve bought into the God-sized vision of the church, then don’t jump ship 1/2 way through.  Don’t be a fair weather fan that bases your support off every “play” you see…after all, mistakes will happen…something will rub you wrong…and you won’t always understand the method behind the madness.  But stay bound to the place God has called you to serve & give & worship & lead.

On The Line

March 29, 2009

I shared with the Theater 12 Production Team this morning a quick devotional thought about what’s on the line.  Last week I was able to meet a dude that had a lot of family issues pressing in on him.  We had a great conversation and I was glad to learn he had been visiting OLC for several weeks.

As we prepped for our service today, God brought him back to mind.  His situation seemed fresh as ever in my head.  I thought about what was on the line for him in these recent days.  I thought about his first visit…and every 1st time guest…and the possible things that hang in the balance: their perception of God and church, their overall impression of OLC, how they are greeted, did they find the grace of God?

It’s so important that we give our best every week, isn’t it?!  MUCH is on the line.  MUCH is hanging in the balance.  And the beauty of it:  God simply asks us to give our best and trust Him with the results.  We can’t save souls or force people to immediatey learn how to worship.  But we can be faithful with giving our absolute best every week, not settle for mediocre, and know that God will continue to use ordinary people to do extraordinary things!

Bonus:  I enjoy working for a pastor like Michael who constantly reminds us of what’s on the line.  He pushes the vision hardcore and preaches that God deserves our absolute best.

KidVenture Feedback

March 23, 2009

Oak Leafers:  Click on the link below to fill out a KidVenture Feedback form.  Thanks!  We value your opinions ans suggestions.


On Their Level——————->will look different

March 20, 2009

One of the things that stood out to me from the Unleash Conference was the emphasis that Newspring puts on teaching kids about Jesus “on their level”.  They have obviously worked very hard to show these kids that Jesus is relevant in their world.

I thought about this principle the other night at my 6 yr old’s soccer game.  The league he is playing in does things very different from a “normal” (adult) soccer game.  Upon first seeing these differences, I was kinda bummed…thinking it wouldn’t work.  After all, it didn’t “look” right.  The goalie does not touch the ball.  The field is 1/4 the size.  There are no goal kicks.  There are no throw-ins…whenever the ball goes out of bounds, one of the coaches simply throws a ball down and says, “play on”.  Instead of 1 hour games it’s always 30 minutes of practice and 30 minutes of a game.

But after a few weeks of being up at the fields, I’m beginning to see the benefits of these actions.  I especially like the no throw in rule.  Having the coaches roll a ball out keeps play continuous.  The action rarely slows down and never stops – therefore keeping the kids engaged and never bored.

Kid’s ministry on a Sunday morning should look different than an adult service.  It should feel different.  Sound different.  And even have different objectives.  We should always resist any temptation to make it look like an adult service.

Yes, they are learning about the same loving God.  Yes, they can worship Him.  Yes, the Bible is still taught.  But it is wise for us to always remember they are on a different playing field.

Family Ministry Model

March 19, 2009

Why? (good read)

A Parent’s Love

March 19, 2009



March 18, 2009

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