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Motive Matters

April 22, 2009

Michael wrapped up Sunday’s sermon by pointing out our motive matters (in regards to drinking alcohol).  I thought about how that applies to education.  My oldest son Braden (7) is finishing up his year end school testing this week.  As great as many of the teachers are in his school and others in this area, I still often wonder about motives during this time of year.  After all, there’s no doubt our education system is flawed.

Everything centers around a test score.  How the students score on this one test can affect salaries, funding, and a variety of other issues.  Perhaps this is the best way to judge whether something is working…don’t ask me, I was educated in North Alabama.  🙂  But what I don’t like about this system is how it can shift the motive from caring about the individual success of each and every student to a focus on doing whatever it takes to “get those scores up!”.

But don’t think this matter of motive is restricted to our educational system.  The church struggles with this.  In children’s ministry we have to check our motives weekly.  Am I choosing this particular curriculum because it is the best method to lead kids to Jesus, or is my motive to find something easy?  Am I trying to appease parents, or am I sticking to the God given mission & calling for my ministry?  Do I truly care about the spiritual development of each and every child, or am I more concerned with how things appear to my boss?

Motive matters.