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Be a superstar model

May 14, 2009

I recently chatted with our worship leader Matt about engaging today’s youth.  Matt leads on Sunday mornings and also Wednesday nights at Fuel.  His heart bleeds passion for God…passion for others to see and understand and “get it”…a desire for others to stand in awe of who God is and have a heartfelt response…WORSHIP.

So naturally, seeing how he attempts to lead youth in this arena, there are frustrations.  There are times when you question if all the rehearsals and lyrics and in-between-songs scripture reading is worth it.  If kids are just going to talk and text, why keep up the sustained effort of leading them to an encounter with Almighty God?

As I stood down front last night at our first Fuel service at the House of Rock, singing out songs of praise as loud as I could, this recent conversation and these recent questions flooded my mind.  I stood among these middle schoolers and high schoolers and one single thought could not escape my heart – It Must Be Modeled For Them.

As with many things in life, if we want young people to grasp something, it must be more than taught, or said, or simply commanded.  We must model what we so crave for them.  If we want kids to have an all consuming love for Jesus and to genuinely engage in worship, then we ourselves need to model that for them.

Bottom Line:  If we are frustrated that kids are not engaging in worship, I think it’s wise for us to first stop and evaluate what kind of healthy examples we see around them.  Is there anyone (adult, small group leader, parent, anyone) modeling a kind of faith for them that will stick?  Is there anyone in their immediate circle that lives audaciously enough?…showing that Christ is relevant on Monday through Saturday too?  Is there an older student or anyone challenging them to get rid of sin so they can engage God with their whole heart?

Step up.
Be a superstar model.

Where Have U Been?

May 14, 2009

Hubby, Dad, Family Pastor – getting in to a new building.
I Twitter all the time.  Be back soon, maybe.  🙂