30,000ft Thoughts…contd

The American Dream is a an American Waste. I love our country, my country.  I’m a patriotic dude…but that doesn’t mean I won’t speak the truth to fellow followers of Christ.  If you’ve bought in to the American Dream, please stop.  It’s a waste of valuable time and resources.  When you are oversees and see this principle with your own eyes, you want to throw up.  We indeed do have it so good.  You know all the stats.  So why waste your time storing things up for yourself?  Why the bigger house and better car?  Why so defensive about your “rights” to such rich and valuable things?  You have no rights.  Please give everything away.  Please pursue success in your job SO THAT you can be a blessing to more.

I pray we become chasers of a new dream.  A dream of generosity.  May we be known as a people of givers, not collectors.  Not those who store.  Don’t waste talents and gifts.

Get your hands dirty! Mission trips are hard work.  But you don’t mind the sweat and tiredness.  What is being accomplished is worth the cost.  This work ethic must remain constant.  There’s no substitute for hard work.

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