Final Thoughts from 30,000ft

Last 2 thoughts I had flying back from Trinidad:

The fuel of youth. When teenagers get behind a movement or idea, crazy things can (should) happen.  Church history shows us that MANY great movements of God were ignited and sustained by young people.  It never gets old seeing students give willfully of their time, energy, money and gifts in ministry.  Knowing all their available distractions, it never gets old to see them choose Christ.  As leaders, lets never forget our Biblical mandate to pass on a zeal for Jesus to the next generation.

Use every available media. So I’m standing in a driveway of home that barely has indoor plumbing, in the middle of Trinidad (seems like a jungle to me)…and the dude asks, “Hey man, are you on facebook?”  We should use every available tool at our disposal to connect with believers and nonbelievers.  Missions has changed over the past decade with the advancement of new media.  Churches that shy away from good media…in fear that it “waters down” the Word…are missing great opportunities to further reach people.  Find what fits your ministry and USE IT.

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