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Why I’m Leaving Oak Leaf Church…And Why You Should Too

July 30, 2009

Today is my last official day on staff at Oak Leaf.  The past 15 months have been an incredible growing experience.  I can easily say that I’ve learned more about God’s heart, more about ministry, more about myself, and more about reaching kids and families over this time than ever before.  Daily being around the great people of Oak Leaf simply just rocks your world – spurring you towards bold things…towards His agenda and not yours.  I love these people.  I love this place.  I love this community.

So why leave?  Because God told me to.  (And then confirmed it in 387 different ways so a simple dude like myself would not miss the clues.)  Super brief version:  Went on a mission trip.  Stirring in heart/soul/mind.  Great conversations with Michael about finding “right seat on bus”.  Final determination that I’M CALLED right now to serve in this place as a volunteer and not in a staff position.  That I’m called right now to re-enter the business world.  And that I’m called to discover how I can best use my gifts in ministry to impact a defunct and hurting world.  God is leading me and the fam from where we are to where He wants us to be!  (Sounds familiar, huh?)  It’s scary and super exciting all in one!

Oh, the play on words?  Yeah, thanks, I thought it was catchy too. 🙂  I am not leaving the church, just my staff position.  Oh, and the “you should leave too” part?  Yeah, check this out:

Leave your inactivity and boldly JUMP IN – serve on a volunteer team and watch God grow your faith like crazy!

Leave your tradition and accept the new things God is doing through this church in this community.

Leave your fears about inviting your lost friends to church and just do it already…as in right now!

Leave your checkbook where it belongs – with God.  It’s all His anyways.  Tithe.  Sell stuff.  Give to those who have nothing.  Then give more.  (I’m learning this in all new ways myself.)

God has big stuff in store for Oak Leaf and the community it serves.  God has positioned the right people in the right places of leadership to accomplish the hard work on hand.  I’m thankful to play my role and anticipate big bold things as we do what’s necessary…because of what’s at stake.