Putting Down

During my exciting errand this morning of going to purchase stamps, I was listening to talk radio.  In the middle of the normal he said-she said gunk, an interesting parallel developed in front of me…one that personally hit (convicted) me right between the eyes.

Putting Others Down: Not Just A Bad Idea For Politicians

At times it can be extremely popular for a politician to “turn” on their own.  I’m not talking about completely switching parties, but rather verbal jabs and putdowns toward their own in order to gain political favor…or so they think.  Many are doing so because they think it will A. Gain some merit from a needed few in the other party to help push through a piece of legislation or B. Gain more votes from independents or even opposite party voters.  THE REALITY THOUGH: It rarely works.  In fact, in this current political climate, people are fet up with the trashing of others.  The historical blame game is losing momentum, and fast.

But enough about politics.  I’m not going to pretend to know more than I do. (I’m your typical sound byte American. Ha.)  There is an unfortunate parallel with those who profess Christ.  We are often guilty for putting down other Christians, thinking it will gain favor with those “like minded” believers around us or even crazy enough to think it strikes a common bond with unbelievers who hear our garbage mouths.  Seriously, this is a bad strategy.  Trust me, I’ve been foolish enough to try it.  Oh, no, I didn’t sit down and plan it out on paper…it comes much easier…in everyday conversations.  “Yeah, but you have to admit, there is CRAZY stuff out there done in ‘the name of the Lord!”  I agree.  And to some extent, it’s OK to judge harmful, unbiblical speech and teach our children the difference.  But I’m referring to the unnecessary negative talk we toss out there that’s in no way Christ-like or even remotely smart.

So I’m trying to learn John 13:34-35 in a new way.  It’s one the most powerful weapons God gave us.  For many of us, it’s what drew us to Christ in the first place…seeing others care for each other and respect each other like never before.  Let’s not fall into the trap of thinking that putting down a Christian is going to attract a nonbeliever or please God in any way.  Let’s instead use something that seems to be void from politics…something that stands out and grabs attention better than any good slogan: True Love.

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