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I heart QuikTrip

April 1, 2010

Here are a few reasons why the QuikTrip on Hwy 41 in Cartersville is better than any other gas station in the area.

1.  They take pride in having a clean store.  Most gas stations are dumps.  Dirty bathrooms, dirty floors, even dusty & dirty food sometimes.  Not QuikTrip.

2.  Only place in Carterville (that I can find) that offers free air for your tires.  Maybe not a huge deal to you, but I HATE spending 75 cents or a buck for 90 seconds of air.

3.  It always smells like hotdogs, which reminds me to pray for a dude (and his wife/kids/new ministry) that has an addiction to QT hotdogs:CLICK

4.  Lowest gas prices in town.  Walmart may be the only exception.

5.  Nobody comes close to their customer service.  Have never been in the store without being greeted as I walked in and as I walked to the counter.

So if anyone from corporate reads this and wants to give me a 1yr supply of free fountain drinks, thank you!  🙂