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Snowed In

January 12, 2011

“Forced Sabbath”
“Cabin Fever”
“Snowed In”
“Itchin’ to Get Out!”
“Stir Crazy!”

Over the past 72 hours, these are a few of the statements flying around Twitter & Facebook.  Here in the ATL (ok, actually Cartersville, GA) we got several inches of snow – and in some cases ice.  And because we obviously don’t have the equipment to clear the roads down here in the South, it sometimes renders us S-T-U-C-K.

2 quick things: First, I like that term “forced Sabbath”.  For many, this break in the 9-5 hustle and bustle caused a much needed SLOW DOWN.  Time to take a deep breath.  Time to not worry about that report due at the end of the week (you can’t drive to the office anyway!).  Time to pay more attention to the kids right in front of us…who, if we are honest, could use some more focused attention.  Time.  Just a little more time.  Reflecting on God’s goodness in our lives.

Second, these terms and these times like this remind me how sometimes our souls get stir crazy…and that’s a good thing.  Don’t you long to go on a mission trip?  To do something BIG?  To get away from the mundane and find more purpose and worth in your activities?  It’s the cabin fever of the mind.  The snowed in trap of boring American Christianity.  Maybe you don’t struggle with this.  Maybe you find 100% fulfillment in what you get to do everyday and you never get an itch to do anything different.  Not the case with me.  6 inches of snow brings about 6 inches of pileup in my head – thinking about where I’m at now and where God wants me to be in 6 months, 2 years, etc.  (Oakleaf Church mission statement there for those that don’t know. :))

So I suppose, in conclusion, I’d say I like times like this.  Reflection and Appreciation and Anticipation.  Family.  What’s God up to?  Are we available for Him?  Follow up on that stir craziness and do great things for the advancement…of not ourselves…but for His name and His glory.

Home Security

January 3, 2011

I asked my 9 yr old the other night to shut the blinds on one of the downstairs’ windows.  It was bedtime and we were straightening up the playroom and winding down the day.  About an hour or so later I came back downstairs to realize that the door was unlocked.  Hmmm…interesting I thought.  Quite the oversight.  I had asked my son to shut the blinds to one of the windows so no one could see in – just a simple home security measure.  YET, I overlooked the fact that less than 10 feet away was a door that was left completely unlocked.

It got me thinking about how we sometimes parent.  We often try to shield our kids from stuff…and often wisely so.  Bad movies.  Bad video games.  The bad kid at school, etc.  But yet, like the unlocked door that was overlooked, we can miss the most obvious danger threatening our kid’s safety: the overwhelming fact that there is an ENEMY looking to destroy them.

If our lives are committed to Christ, we can expect spiritual warfare.  And not just on us, the adults.  Satan wants to destroy the family.  He wants to build up hatred in your kids – towards you, towards others, towards the church.  It’s real and can’t be ignored.

So yes, of course, look for the “blinds” in your kid’s life.  Look for the things that perhaps you can control and the Godly influences you can indeed put around them.  But while we do that, we must not overlook the unlocked door.  Let’s teach our kids the Word.  Pray over them daily.  Model for them a life sold out to following Jesus.  Don’t give the Devil a FOOTHOLD.  Make the JOSHUA declaration: “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.”